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Upcoming webinar for farmers looking to sell to schools

Annalisa Hultberg, Extension Educator, food safety

Farmers, food hubs, distributors, and other interested partners are invited to attend an informational webinar on March 29th from 2:30 - 3:30 to learn more about the Farm to School Grant Program and how to work with schools. 

This webinar is hosted by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy. Join to learn more about the Farm to School movement in Minnesota, goals and requirements of this year’s Farm to School grant program, and helpful information on how to successfully connect with and sell to schools.  

Join this webinar for farms, food hubs, and distributors to learn about the MDA Farm to School Grant program and how to partner with local schools! 

March 29, 2:30-3:30 - Farm to School Grant Connections for Farm, Food Hubs, and Distributors

Register here:

For more information: Kate Seybold, Regional Marketing Specialist , Agricultural Marketing & Development, Minnesota Department of Agriculture O: 651-201-6165 | C: 507-321-8010, 


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