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Fruit and Vegetable Pesticide Safety Workshop – Includes Recertification Credit for Private Pesticide Applicators

Author: Tana Haugen-Brown, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension, Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education Program, email: Image: Tana Huagen-Brown Back again this year – the University of Minnesota Extension Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education Program will offer a Private Pesticide Applicator Recertification workshop focused for fruit and vegetable growers. Growers who are not certified but wish to learn more information on pesticide safety are also welcome to attend. This recertification workshop will take place on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 1:00 – 4:30 pm at the St Cloud Regional Extension Office, 3601 18th St S, Suite 113, Saint Cloud, MN.  This workshop will include topics related to pesticide application and safety; pesticide laws and regulations; laundering pesticide contaminated clothing; endangered species protection; IPM and related hot topics; invasive species; calibration; pesticide residuals; label comprehension;

Do you want to sell your produce to a Farm to School program? Here are five things to think about…

Author: Kate Seybold,Farm to School Coordinator, Minneapolis Public Schools  Farm to School programs are growing in popularity across Minnesota and the nation as more schools seek to purchase food from local farms and provide education related to food, nutrition, and farming. For many farmers, working with a Farm to School program can be an entry point into other wholesale markets, an opportunity to specialize in crops, and a way to strategically grow sales. So what should you consider if you are interested in selling produce to a Farm to School program? 1. Invest in relationships. Farm to School Programs are all about building partnerships. If you are interested in selling to school, reach out with a phone call or an email. Take the time to tell them about you and your farm, learn about their food service program, and ask about ways that you can work together. Even after you have started selling product to a school, continue to invest in your relationships. 2. Consider what p