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Where Did Those UMN Vegetable Production Guides Go?

You may have noticed that the UMN Extension website had an overhaul mid-season last year. One change that impacted fruit and vegetable farmers right away was the relocation of the production manuals that used to be linked on the front page of the Fruit and Vegetable part of the website.

Good news: Many of those production guides are still available online in PDF form! They are stored in the UMN digital conservancy, along with a plethora of other interesting publications dating as far back as the early days of the University of Minnesota. We have listed all of them here:

Minnesota High Tunnel Production Guide for Commercial Growers

Growing Garlic in Minnesota

Asparagus Production Guide

Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Manual for the Beginning Grower

Nutrient management for commercial fruit and vegetable crops in Minnesota

Nutrient Management for Fruit and Vegetable Crops: Using manure and compost as nutrient sources for vegetable crops

Nutrient management for fruit and vegetable crop production: Nutrient cycling and maintaining soil fertility

Nutrient management for fruit and vegetable crop production: Maintaining soil fertility in an organic system

Sweet Corn for Processing: Value and Risk of IPM for European Corn Borer

As always, we encourage farmers to reach out to Extension Educators on the Fruit and Vegetable Team with any production-related questions.

Author: Annie Klodd, Extension Educator-Fruit and Vegetable Production.

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