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What's Killing My Kale Episode 20: Let's talk transplants!

In Season 2, Episode 2 of our fruit and vegetable podcast What's Killing My Kale? we're talking all about transplants with Alissa Jacobsen, a farmer who currently works at Open Hands Farm in Northfield. Alissa has worked on many farms at different scales and with different types of markets and goals. We covered a wide range of topics including: 
Transplanted cucumber with sun scald.
Photo: Natalie Hoidal

  • Avoiding issues like sun scald
  • Accessing space for starting seeds when you don't have access to high tunnel or greenhouse space
  • Maximizing greenhouse and high tunnel space throughout the year
  • The logistics of hardening off seedlings at different scales of production
  • Growing healthy transplants
  • Taking care of your body during this often physically strenuous time of the growing season. 

Click here to listen to the episode. You can listen to it now, or download it to listen later. 

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What's Killing My Kale? is a podcast production of the University of Minnesota Extension, sponsored in part by the University of Minnesota Integrated Pest Management program. Co-hosted by Extension Educators Annie Klodd and Natalie Hoidal, the podcast focuses on innovative and timely pest management topics in fruits and vegetables, and sometimes ventures into other timely issues as well. 

Author: Natalie Hoidal, Extension Educator-Fruit and Vegetable Production

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