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Resources for making an IPM plan

 Marissa Schuh, IPM Extension Educator

With March behind us, plants are in greenhouses and the growing season is approaching.  Refresh yourself on tools for managing pests here.

Cucumber beetle is a pest to be prepared for. Photo: Gerald Holmes, Strawberry Center, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,

Building knowledge about pests

While the exact mix of problems we see varies each growing season, there are some problems we should be ready for every year. Some tools for learning about pests we regularly see in Minnesota include…

Getting preventative measures in place
Now is the time of year we can take prevention measures for different pests. If you have pests you have struggled with in the past, brush up on them and see if there are preventative measures you can still implement, for example, rotation or netting to cover plants.

Diagnostic aids

Identifying plant problems during the growing season can be tricky.

Having thresholds at hand

If thresholds exist for a pest, they are typically listed on the UMN page about that pest. The Midwest Vegetable Production Guide also lists thresholds.

Getting pest control resources and tactics ready 

  • Again, UMN pest pages will list management strategies for dealing with each pest.

  • Another thing to bookmark is the online version of the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide ( You can search the interactive database and quickly sort for products with short re-entry intervals, OMRI-listing, greenhouse use, and more.

  • The Midwest Fruit Guide is available for free, you can download and print chapters on the fruit crops you grow for easier use.

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