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Opportunity to participate in a study developing enterprise budgets for wholesale specialty crops

University of Minnesota horticulture faculty and Extension educators would like to work with local produce farmers who aim to sell to institutions to develop enterprise budgets and decision tools. The goal is to better understand which crops are most profitable for sales to institutions, and profitability at different scales of production.

During the summers of 2024, we will survey farmers who grow melons, cucumbers (high tunnel or field) and tomatoes (high tunnel or field) about their production costs. Each farmer will be paid a stipend of
$500 per crop
that they report, and you can sign up to report on multiple crops. Participants will keep track of costs and labor associated with growing the crop, as well as yields and sales. 

 To sign up or learn more please reach out directly to Chengyan Yue at

Image: University of Minnesota

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