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Looking for pesticide recertification credits? Get them this Valentine's Day on Zoom.

Marissa Schuh, IPM Extension Educator 

If you have a commercial (applying pesticides for hire), noncommercial (using RUPs on property owned or controlled by your employer), or private pesticide applicator license  (apply RUPs to land or sites they own, rent, or manage for the production of an ag commodity), UMN Extension is offering an online recertification training focused on fruit and vegetable pest updates and pesticide information.

Photo by Pixabay

When: February 14; 7:45-11:45 (private applicators) or 7:45-3:35 (CNC applicators)
Where: Zoom (will need working microphone, camera, and sound on a laptop, desktop, or tablet)
Workshop fee: $75 for private, $145 for CNC 
Registration deadline: February 8th 

For information on this and other recertification courses, as well as registration information, see the Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education webpage. Please read the information carefully, there are some hoops involved in these particular zoom trainings in regards to allowed devices and active participation.

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