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Join us November 14th for the Annual Pumpkin Grower Meetup!

University of Minnesota Extension will host their annual Pumpkin Grower Meetup on Tuesday November 14th from 1:00 - 3:00pm on Zoom. 

Speakers and topics include...

  • Charlie Rohwer, researcher at Southern Research and Outreach Center will present results of an ongoing experiment investigating 4 species of clover interseeded between pumpkin rows
  •  Ryan Pesch, University of Minnesota Extension agricultural business management educator will present on marketing and record keeping techniques. Pumpkin grower 
  • Rod Elmstrand will share his years of wisdom on cultural practices for successful pumpkin harvests. 
  • Extension educators, Natalie Hoidal, Marissa Schuh and Madeline Wimmer will be available to talk about weed management, marketing and soil health as it relates to pumpkin growing in the state. There will be some time to connect with other pumpkin growers around the state on grower-led topics in a group discussion.

Register for the Annual Pumpkin Grower Meetup here:

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