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Let pesticide applicators know where your specialty crops are

The DriftWatch program provides a simple way for crop producers to communicate information about their crop locations to pesticide applicators. Growers do this by posting their fields on the online FieldWatch Map. Pins in the map mark the site locations. The field borders are shown by zooming in closely on the map. Selecting a pin brings up additional information such as crop, conventional/organic production, and producer contact information. Pesticide applicators can view this information prior to spraying in an area and take needed precautions to avoid drift to sensitive sites.

There are few restrictions on DriftWatch submissions. The program is for commercial producers, not home gardens. Sites must be at least half an acre in size.

For more detailed information about using this program, refer to the FieldWatch User Guide: How to Register Your Crops and Beehives in FieldWatch. There is also DriftWatch information and videos on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) website. If additional assistance is needed, contact Larry VanLieshout, MDA,, 651-201-6115. 

Fieldwatch map



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