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Free soil testing for 100 vegetable farms

Extension is offering soil testing in high tunnels and fields at 100 vegetable farms across the state. Participants will receive complimentary soil tests that include a basic soil series (texture, organic matter, pH, phosphorus, potassium), exchangeable Ca, Mg, Na, and K, electrical conductivity, and nitrate. We will conduct a variety of soil health tests at each farm including bulk density, aggregate stability, a count of arbuscular micorrhizal fungi (AMF), and active organic matter. We will also take a water sample from each farm to test for pH and alkalinity.

These tests are free and your farm-specific data will not be shared publicly. All data generated from this project will be aggregated, and so your farm will be one data point among 100 farms. Participation is 100% voluntary. Participants will not be paid, but you will be receiving $135 worth of soil analyses. You will also receive complimentary 1:1 feedback on your soil test. All testing will occur during the second half of April 2023.

To ensure geographical diversity, we are capping registration at 5 farms per county. Registration for Stearns, Dakota, Cook and Lake Counties is already full. Sign up here. 

Photo: CT Ryan Photography


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