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Quick links to find the most important food safety supplies

Annalisa Hultberg, Extension Educator, food safety

This time of the season is very busy, and we get lots of questions about finding commonly purchased materials for cleaning, sanitizing, handwashing, and in the packshed so growers don't have to spend time searching for supplies. I have compiled some of the most commonly sought out materials for handwashing, cleaning, sanitizing and packshed maintenance and links to purchase them. 

For instructions on how to build the handwash stand, see this factsheet

Handwashing Stand

You can purchase the supplies for a handwashing stand from many suppliers, but here are some suggestions. 

To equip a portable handwashing stand, use the supplies listed above

Cleaning and sanitizing tools and equipment

Cleaning and sanitizing things like your harvest tools, totes and tables that are used for sorting is an important to keep your produce free from contaminants that can cause foodborne illness. To learn more about cleaning and sanitizing procedures, see this factsheet below. 

Here are supplies for cleaning and sanitizing tools, equipment, surfaces, brush washers, tables, drains etc. 

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