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New irrigation resources for specialty crop growers

Following the extreme drought conditions last summer, many growers are reconsidering their irrigation infrastructure.  While long-term climate trends actually show our climate is becoming wetter, projections show an increased likelihood of irregular precipitation patterns, as well as more hot days in the summer. Since vegetable crops are especially susceptible to fluctuations in heat and soil moisture, having a good irrigation system is an important resilience strategy. 

Our team has developed two new webpages with information to support specialty crop growers with decision making. The first, Digging or expanding a well, talks about things like understanding your farm's water needs and determining pump sizes, well diameter, and permits required. 

The second, Irrigation set-ups for specialty crops, highlights different options for hose materials, emitter spacing, nozzles, injectors, and more. We hope that these resources will be useful to you as you develop or adapt your irrigation systems. If you still have questions after reading, do not hesitate to reach out to the authors. 

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