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Choose strawberry varieties based on 38 years of Minnesota data

Authors: Annie Klodd, Lindsey Miller, and Jim Luby

Data collection by Jim Luby, Steve Poppe, Keith Mann, Crystal Sucher, and Nita Learmont

Annapolis strawberries ripening in June, 2020. Photo: Annie Klodd

The University of Minnesota has been conducting annual strawberry variety trials for the last 38 years (1982-2020) in Grand Rapids, MN and Morris, MN. Below, this data is summarized into a simple table comparing traits of each variety.

The results from 1982-2020 are summarized below. Varieties are organized by ripening time (Early, Mid, and Late Season). Yield was calculating by averaging yield data for each year and each test site. Some varieties do not have yield data available (nd). Hardiness and fruit size are summarized as relative categories, but are based on quantitative data such as % winter stand survival and berry weights, respectively. 

Explore the table below to help select strawberry varieties based on your farm's needs and priorities.

Further information, such as disease resistance of each variety can often be found through the nurseries' websites. The annual trial results are also presented every January at the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Conference.

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