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From our colleagues: Farmer reviews of E-commerce platforms

The CSA Innovation Network recently published a comprehensive review of farmer experiences with a variety of E-Commerce platforms. While we rarely post other peoples' content, we thought that this would be a useful tool for those of you who are planning to shift to online sales as a result of COVID-19 and other market forces.

From the CSA Innovation Network: 

The report is layered allowing you to quickly access the information you need, including:
  • an intro chart showing overall farmer rating, pricing, and best uses for the top nine platforms
  • a page with the full farmer ratings, selected farmer quotes, and notes about appropriate sales channels
  • additional links take you to deeper details:
    • the full set of farmer pros/cons for the platform
    • the full set of farmer comments on the platform
    • a written farmer profile on why and how they use the platform and
    • a farmer-guided video tour of the customer facing store and backend functions of the platform

 Click here to read the report.

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