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Weather Report: Still Dry!


All of Minnesota received some rainfall in the last 7 days, between 0.1 - 3 inches. Most growers are still experiencing dryer than normal conditions for this time of year, as much of the state is still below average precipitation for the past 30 days (based on 30-year average). However, due to the heavy rains that northwestern Minnesota received two weeks ago, that region of the state is still slightly above normal precipitation along with the far southeastern tip of the state.

Disease pressure remained low during the dry period, but this weekend's rain likely stimulated disease infection. See the Weekly Fruit Update for information on how these dry conditions may be impacting fruit crops.

Growing Degree Days

The map below shows modified growing degree days (MGDD) accumulated between April 1 and June 23, 2020, using a base temperatures of 50 degrees F. To read more about how the numbers were calculated for this map, please visit:

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