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New COVID-19 video series: reducing risk on farms

Authors: Natalie Hoidal & Annalisa Hultberg

So much has happened over the last month, but unfortunately the risk of COVID-19 illness remains serious. Our team has worked with MDA to develop a 5 part video series about best practices for reducing risks on farms related to COVID-19. They are currently available in English, and will be available in Spanish and Hmong within the week.

The purpose of these videos is to provide science-based information on transmission of the disease and how to reduce risks on farm and farmers' market settings. These videos will be especially helpful to provide additional information to help as your farm develops a COVID response plan. In particular, now that you're well into the season, think through ways that you can create more physical distance between employees, or create cohorts or teams. As our economy opens up, more of us attend mass gatherings and memorials, and the number of virus carriers increases in our communities, now is a critical time to create prevention strategies so that if one employee gets sick they do not transfer it to the whole crew.

COVID-19 Basics:

Masks, Gloves, and Handwashing:

Cleaning and Sanitizing on the Farm:

Best Practices for Farmers Markets:

Maintaining Physical Distance on the Farm:

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