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Register for Berry Grower Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Please join us for two lunchtime webinars and Q&A sessions for berry growers this season. The first event is May 27 at 1:00pm. We will have 4 quick updates on insects, diseases, weeds, and nutrition, and then have 20-30 minutes of open Q&A time.

These webinars are jointly hosted by UMN Extension and UW-Madison Extension. Speakers include Dr. Christelle Guedot (UW), Dr. Jed Colquhoun (UW), Annie Klodd (UMN) and Dr. Amaya Atucha (UW).

See the flyer below and click on the registration links for more information.

May 27 @ 1:00pm CDT:
Berry Season Prep: Insects, Diseases, Weeds, and Nutrition
Aug. 12 at 1:00pm CDT:
Spotted Wing Drosophila; Prepping Strawberry Beds For Winter

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