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Silver Linings: Attend Produce Events-Turned-Webinars from Other Regions

Authors: Annie Klodd and Natalie Hoidal, Extension Educators - Fruit and Vegetable Production

Here at University of Minnesota Extension, we are working hard to develop webinars, online resources, videos, podcast episodes, and more for produce farmers during our current work-from-home situation. 

Please stay tuned to Fruit and Vegetable News and the UMN Fruit and Vegetable Farming Facebook page for more of these resources as we release them.

Similarly, University Extension educators in other states are also working hard to create resources and move events online via webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic. This presents a unique opportunity for Minnesota growers to virtually "attend" events from other states that we did not have access to before.

Here are a few upcoming meetings that we are excited about attending or speaking at:

UMN Extension Local Foods College Webinar Series:

  • April 2: Online Ordering Systems for Local Foods w/ Katie Meyre
  • April 7: Food Safety and COVID-19: what we know w/ Annalisa Hurtberg
  • April 9: Farmers' Markets w/ Kathy Zeman
  • April 14: Crop Plans and Alternative Market Outlets w/ David van Eeckhout and Ryan Pesch

April 2: Pre-Season Fruit IPM Meeting - Michigan State University

April 3: 2020 Blueberry Kickoff Meeting - Michigan State University

April 4: Blazing Trails Food Regulation Training - Sustainable Farming Association  - Meeting ID is: 450 008 157

April 7: Fruit and Vegetable Production Workshop - University of Minnesota Extension

April 8: Seed Potato Production and Breeding in Organic Systems - Organic Seed Alliance

April 8: From Integrated Pest Management to Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management - University of California Extension

Other interesting online resources:

Online courses on a variety of specialty crop topics - Cornell University Small Farms Program

Virtual “coffee chats” about resilience strategies for farm stress - University of Minnesota

Online courses for fruit, vegetables, and agronomic crops - Penn State University

Fruit and Vegetable how-to videos from University of Arkansas

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