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New podcast mini series: climate change adaptation on fruit and vegetable farms in MN

We are back with another season of What's Killing My Kale! We're starting it with a four part mini series about how climate change is impacting fruit and vegetable production in Minnesota, and adaptation strategies for resilience.

In a time of immense uncertainty, we realize that it may be a weird time to release a mini series about climate change (another topic that comes with uncertainty and anxiety). We decided to release these podcast episodes now for a couple of reasons: 1. You are likely in your greenhouses starting plants or out pruning your trees and vines, and it's a great time to listen to podcasts. 2. (More importantly): While climate change can be an overwhelming topic, we found these interviews to be full of hope, ideas, and insight. The farmers we interviewed shared creative adaptation strategies and an overall sense of resilience and commitment to community - things that are all vitally important in this moment.

We hope you enjoy these episodes! We'll continue to release new episodes every couple of weeks throughout the growing season, though future episodes will be more broad in scope. You can listen to and download the episodes directly from this page:

Season 3 Episode 1: Growing Produce in a changing climate with Kenny Blumenfeld

Season 3 Episode 2: Climate change adaptation at Loon Organics Farm

Season 3 Episode 3: Climate change adaptation at Open Hands Farm

Season 3 Episode 4: Climate change adaptation at Little Hill Berry Farm

The episodes are also be available on Apple Podcasts.
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