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Learn How to Prune Fruit Crops With Expert Videos

Blueberries. Photo: Annie Klodd
Dr. Bernadine Strik and a team at Oregon State University have recently developed an in-depth series of online berry pruning modules geared toward small farmers.

The video-based modules carefully demonstrate how to prune several berry crops, so that farmers and gardeners feel confident pruning these crops on their farms.

The modules are available to anyone growing berries in North America. They can be watched and re-watched at any time for a year after registration.

There are five separate modules within the series, covering table grapes, kiwifruit (hardy kiwiberries and warmer climate kiwifruit), raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries from establishment through maturity. Each module contains 4–8 narrated lectures with photos and videos, totaling 1.25–2.5 hours in length, depending on the crop.

There is a charge for the modules, which helps make them possible. Payment covers unlimited access for that individual student for a year after registration. Registration is available for single modules or for multiple modules within the series at a discounted price.

For more information, and to register: 

Pruning and Training of Berries, Kiwifruit and Grapes 

For cold climate fruit growers: Please keep in mind that some crop types mentioned in this online series that are not cold hardy in Minnesota, such as rabbiteye blueberries and blackberries. Additionally, winter injury common in Minnesota may necessitate less vigorous pruning on some fruit crops such as grapes and blueberries, to account for lost buds.
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