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Webinar Recording: Crop Insurance for Vineyards

Did you know? The USDA has implemented their Grape Crop Insurance Program into five Minnesota counties beginning in 2020, but you can get insurance for your vineyard even if you live outside of these 5 counties. Learn more about what this means for grape growers in Minnesota and surrounding states.

*Please note: The deadline to purchase your 2020 Grape policy is November 20, 2019, so please watch the recording and learn about the program before it’s too late!

To listen to the recording from the Oct. 23 webinar, click here to watch on Youtube, or watch it below:

Craig Christianson, Risk Management Specialist, USDA

Topics Covered: 
Background on the Risk Management Agency and the USDA Grape Program
Written Agreements - How to obtain insurance through a written agreement if your vineyard is not located in one of the five Minnesota counties with the grape program.
Grape Program in Minnesota

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