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Use DriftWatch to Communicate with Pesticide Applicators

Grapevine leaves damaged by 2,4-D drift in Iowa.
Photo: Mike White, Iowa State University
DriftWatch is a state program that allows specialty crop growers to indicate the locations of their fields on a map so that pesticide applicators can take precautions to avoid crop injury due to spray drift. In Minnesota, Larry VanLieshout is the coordinator for the DriftWatch program. He has provided the following information about how to best utilize DriftWatch for your farm:

Let pesticide applicators know where your pesticide sensitive crops (and beehives) are located by using DriftWatch.

DriftWatch (and BeeCheck) are free, voluntary online registries that that allow specialty crop producers to communicate the location of their pesticide-sensitive sites to pesticide applicators. Applicators can then take precautions to avoid injury due to spray drift. Specialty crops include fruits, vegetables, and organic produce. (BeeCheck is a version of DriftWatch for beekeepers, who do not also have other specialty crops.)

This communication is done by indicating the location of the sensitive sites on an online map. DriftWatch is Google Maps™ based and is fairly easy to use. The map symbol indicates the crop in that field. View the current map of registered sensitive sites in Minnesota

For detailed instructions on using DriftWatch, see: User Guide: How to Register Your Crops and Beehives in FieldWatch. There are also “How to” videos for registering sites on DriftWatch and BeeCheck.
Signup and start communicating today.

For additional information, contact Larry VanLieshout, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 651-201-6115.

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