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NEW VIDEO: How to prune out grapevine trunk diseases

We are learning more and more about grapevine trunk diseases and the impact they can have on reducing the vigor and production of grapevines in our region.  While research continues here at the University of Minnesota, you can do something about it right now. Pruning out dead or unproductive cordons is an essential step to combating trunk disease.

Make grapevines produce more this season

If you cut a cordon (one of the "arms" of the grapevine) and look at the inside, you may see brown staining or discoloration.  That could be caused by one of several grapevine trunk diseases. 

In this new video, Extension Educator Annie Klodd explains how you can use pruning to remove the disease(s) that may be present in your grapevine. She also offers these other pruning tips:
  • How to create a new, more productive cordon "arm" on your grapevine
  • What to do with dead grape clusters that may linger from last season
  • What's the best time to prune? Winter? Spring?
The last thing most grape growers want is an unproductive vine. With some careful attention to how you prune in winter or early spring, you can make a difference to the yield in a season.

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Author: Gail Hudson UMN Extension Communications

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