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New Podcast Episodes: Japanese Beetle, Pollinators, Diseases, and More!

If you have not yet checked out our new podcast on fruit and vegetable pest management, called "What's Killing My Kale," this is a great time to give it a listen. It's easy - just click on the episode titles, and hear the recording out of your phone or computer.
Japanese beetles enjoy a Marquette
grapevine leaf near Red Wing, MN.
Also pictured: Downy mildew.
 Photo: Annie Klodd

Despite the name, it's not just about kale. We release timely episodes on all kinds of pest topics, based on the insects, diseases, or weeds that are currently causing problems for Minnesota fruit and vegetable crops. The podcast is hosted by Annie Klodd and Natalie Hoidal.

Each episode is an interview with an expert - either a researcher, farmer, or Extension educator - about the latest and most effective ways to manage that pest.

Each episode can be found on the UMN FruitEdge website:

This month's episodes included:
Episode 12: How Much Do We Really Know About Japanese Beetles? (8/22/2018)
Episode 11: Pollinators and IPM part 3: Pesticides and pollinators with Karin Jokela (8/10/2018)Episode 10: Pollinators and IPM part 2: Beneficial insect habitat with Karin Jokela (8/10/2018)
Episode 9: Pollinators and IPM part 1: Elaine Evans, native bee expert (8/10/2018)

July's episodes included: 
Episode 8: Plant Disease Update part 3: Trunk disease in MN grapes (7/31/2018)
Episode 7: Plant Disease Update Part 2: Disease identification and management in Brassica plants (7/11/2018)
Episode 6: Plant Disease Update Part 1: University of Minnesota's Plant Disease Clinic (7/11/2018)

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